Mio Buenos Aires was born of the idea of bringing the spirit of wine from Mendoza to Buenos Aires. Its owners, descendants of a family of Italian immigrants, fourth generation wine-makers, and above all wine lovers, wanted to bring the grape's transformation journey from Mendoza, held in the grain of the family winery barrels. These can be found in the doors of Mio Buenos Aires. The grape and its wine are part of our biography, our children's upbringing, our admiration for the vineyards, and our love of their end produce. Wine is in every corner of Mio Buenos Aires and its history.
The most intimate and elegant of warm welcomes is given to guests by offering a taste of the best and most exclusive wines from Mendoza. These are selected and cataloged in the wine cellars of the Verdot wine bar. Mio Buenos Aires combines great luxury and service, and tops it off with this undying union with wine. It brings the best of Mendoza to the city, offering an experience that stays in the memory, just like an Argentine Malbec.




Bathtubs were created by Mario Dasso, a talented Argentinean whose art consists in engraving nature. Mario says he doesn't select his tree, but prefers to get deep into the land and let himself be surprised. He listens to that inner voice that guides him, the same voice that his ancestors -the Mapuche Indian tribes- used to hear. It is then when the wood would come to him to find that amazing calden waiting for him. The artist works with dead trees. In La Pampa, the story goes that when a calden tree dies, it does no longer watch nature but starts narrating its story. This Pampa artist does not choose the trees, the trees find him. He does not choose the final work; he goes for it. Every artwork is unique and has a message.
Every MIO BUENOS AIRES bathtub has been meticulously engraved by Mr. Dasso.


MIO BUENOS AIRES doors are made of wine barrels made of pure French oak, on which the streaks marking the wine path, their poise and work dedication stands out. They seal the everlasting connection between Mio Buenos Aires and wine.